For nearly 40 years, the Henry M. Jackson Foundation has engaged in environmental work, inspired by Senator Jackson’s model. As the longtime chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, and a founder of the environmental movement, Senator Jackson was instrumental in passing landmark environmental legislation – including the National Environmental Policy Act and the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act – that stewarded lands, established national parks, and conserved energy resources.

Originally, the Foundation’s Environment and Natural Resources Management Program encouraged sound public policy for public land use planning and metropolitan growth management programs. This stemmed from Senator Jackson’s early recognition of the perils of unplanned growth. Foundation programs also focused on informing policymakers about environmental issues.

Our obligation to future generations is to preserve a healthy livable environment. 

~ Sen. Jackson

Global Warming

Today, the Jackson Foundation’s environmental agenda continues to build on Senator Jackson’s legacy. We focus on limiting global temperature rise by increasing awareness about climate change and amplifying climate leadership. Many solutions to address global warming already exist, yet the political drive to pass climate action policy has not kept pace. We want to help generate that political will.

With a long-term perspective, we support climate change mitigation efforts to achieve the deepest impact. We also seek to elevate and build the capacity of climate leaders. Through this work, we strive toward our vision of creating a civil, sustainable, and just society.