By investing in the development of a younger generation of leaders, the Henry M. Jackson Leadership Fellows Program is changing the way Puget Sound leads. The program builds skills, awareness, and a nuanced perspective among Fellows to tackle challenges in a variety of fields, including priority areas for the Foundation in combating the climate crisis, addressing human rights, and encouraging public service leadership.

Former Washington State Senator Hans Zeiger and Senator Joe Nguyen

Each summer, the Foundation selects 9 civic-minded leaders aged 40 and under in the Greater Seattle area to participate in the fellowship, starting in October. The program is built around a values-based leadership framework that exposes Fellows to the most salient leadership qualities and principles modeled by Senator Henry M. Jackson. 

While the core elements of the program are consistent for each cohort, the program is curated to meet the needs and interests of the Fellows. Through their participation in the program, Fellows advance their leadership skills, practice what they are learning in the community, develop deep professional connections through the Foundation’s broader network, and build an understanding of the Jackson legacy.

The Jackson Foundation selects candidates based on their level of civic and professional engagement, areas of impact, commitment to finding common ground, thirst for learning, and connection to the Foundation’s mission.

This is the kind of spirit we need today. Men and women who are prepared to live at the peak and pitch of their abilities, dedicated and disciplined, and who will train themselves to tackle the critical issues of this century and this generation.

~ Senator Jackson

For questions about the program, please contact Carol Vipperman, Program Manager.

About Senator Jackson

Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson was one of the most successful leaders in American public service. The Senator was well-known and respected for mentoring generations of young men and women into political and civic leadership. He was widely regarded as a master statesman and legislator throughout his 43-year tenure in the U.S. Congress. George Will, author, and political commentator, characterized Jackson as “the finest public servant I have known.” Part prosecutor and part professor, Senator Jackson was a courageous leader and respected national figure who relied on the lessons of history to understand and shape public policy.

Annual Reports

Jackson was one of the first American politicians to emphasize the significance of human rights in international relations. He helped unify American foreign policy by identifying international communism as a political and ethical threat in the modern world. Jackson is also a founding father of the environmental movement, and he helped design and secure the passage of the nation’s first National Energy Act.

Beyond the substantive impact of his tenure, Senator Jackson’s legacy also offers a model of effective leadership in public service. Those who served with the Senator or studied his career continue to view him as a man of great character, dedication, and accomplishment, a person to be emulated.