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The Henry M. Jackson Foundation joins the many voices condemning the surge of violent attacks on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders that has followed in the wake of the pandemic.  These attacks are the latest in a long history of racism, violence, and intimidation that these communities have suffered.  And they come within the larger context of political, economic, and social division not seen in generations. The Jackson Foundation recognizes the pain, fear, and overall toll caused by these circumstances, and stands in solidarity with all those impacted.  Together, we aim to achieve a civil, sustainable, and just society.

 There are many resources to support this work, including https://www.stopasianhate.info/, which provides many ideas as we look for ways to engage, learn, and heal.

Jackson Leadership Fellows Program

HM Jackson Fellows Group Shot

The Henry M. Jackson Leadership Fellows Program is helping to change the way the Puget Sound leads. By investing in the development of the next generation of servant leaders, the program builds skills, awareness, and a nuanced perspective among Fellows to tackle challenges in the fields of international affairs, human rights, the environment and public service.

Each summer, the Foundation selects eight to nine civic-minded leaders age 40 and under in the Greater Seattle area to participate in the fellowship, starting in October. The program is built around a values-based leadership framework that exposes Fellows to the most salient leadership qualities and principles modeled by Senator Henry M. Jackson. Key areas of focus include informed and careful analysis, deliberate and principled decision making, bipartisanship, and serving the public good.

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Our Mission

We tackle critical policy issues while engaging a new generation of civic leaders, guided by Senator Jackson’s hallmark inquisitiveness, vision, pragmatism, honesty, and determination.

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation fosters effective leadership on key issues of national and global importance, particularly:

  • Climate change, energy, and natural resources
  • Human rights
  • International affairs education
  • Public service

Through our work, we promote integrity, civility, fact-based decision making, and bipartisanship.

The Henry M Jackson Foundation was founded in 1983 to continue the unfinished work of the late Senator Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson in the areas in which he played a key leadership role. Through its grant making and strategic initiatives, the Foundation seeks to make a lasting impact and perpetuate the Jackson legacy for the benefit of future generations.