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Investing in Values-Based Leadership in Public and Civic Life

Senator Jackson was well known for his values-based leadership in Congress and in other areas of his life. One of the Foundation’s highest priorities is to produce the next generation of public, private, civic leaders who utilize the values for which Senator Jackson was best known:

  • Inquisitive: Seeking knowledge & understanding the issues
  • Visionary: Focused on the long term
  • Diligent: Hard work and persistence
  • Pragmatic: A bipartisan, results-oriented approach to problem solving
  • Open: Seeking and respectful of diverse views
  • Honest: Integrity and high moral standards
  • Determined: Setting goals and following an effective process to reach them
  • Inspiring: Motivating others for the public good

The Foundation also seeks to encourage younger, diverse generations to become leaders utilizing the Jackson values. We especially encourage leadership development in the areas of climate change and human rights.

In addition to creating strategic partnerships and funding leadership initiatives, our Jackson Fellows Leadership Program has been successful in creating a new generation of local and national leadership. You can learn more about the program here.