Senator Jackson was well known for effective leadership grounded in a steadfast commitment to his values. He enthusiastically mentored young professionals, encouraging them to enter public life, which he saw as a necessary and noble endeavor. Developing and supporting impactful leadership, both at individual and organizational levels, is still a Foundation priority.

The Jackson Fellows Leadership Program develops values-based leadership skills modeled by Senator Jackson. The program focuses on a new generation of leaders, who then pursue leadership as elected officials, leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, and in volunteer roles to drive progress on solving civic issues.

The Foundation also provides critical, early-stage funding to help organizations create greater impact locally and globally than either could do on their own. Recent partners include the Millennial Action Project, Braver Angels, the Center for Human Rights at the University of Washington, Leadership Tomorrow, and Leadership Launch.

There’s a long trail of people who were attracted by his values, his philosophy, his loyalty, his intelligence. That’s what draws people in. As a leader, you’ve got to get the best possible people and hold them. He did that. 

~ Gerald Grinstein, former Board Member

Our emphasis reflects Senator Jackson’s distinguished and accomplished public career. He exemplified the highest qualities of leadership and integrity in his many roles as policymaker, consensus builder, committee member, chair, and diplomat.