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International Affairs Education

Connecting International Affairs Education to Policy

International Affairs Education Priorities

The Jackson Foundation’s primary mission in the international affairs field is to advance education, scholarship, and public understanding of historical developments and current issues, particularly in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. The grantmaking strategy of the Foundation’s international affairs education program is to support institutions that reflect Senator Jackson’s commitment to the importance of advancing foreign policy research and analysis, and connecting policy makers to the latest academic scholarship.

The Foundation primarily makes grants to The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington.  The Foundation also works with other partners to produce public programs through its Strategic Initiatives in its International Affairs Education Program.  For examples of the kind of public programming that is commensurate with the Foundation’s interests, see Featured Grants and Initiatives.  If you would like to discuss a possible Strategic Initiative, please call or send us an email.  See How to Apply for additional application information.

PLEASE NOTE: The Jackson Foundation does not fund overhead or indirect costs for colleges and universities.


Jackson and International Affairs Education

Senator Jackson believed that knowledge of a country’s history, culture and language was an essential part of effective foreign policy making. He saw the critical need to create a bridge between the academic world and the policy making world of government to better inform officials making important decisions about foreign policy and national security matters. In his own experience as a policymaker, he was well known for relying on the lessons of history and the process of dialogue with experts to understand complex issues and inform public policy.

Following his death in 1983, the School of International Studies at the University of Washington was designated the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. This title honors the Senator’s distinguished career in foreign affairs, his support of the institutional development of the school, and his commitment to international studies.

Senator Jackson spoke frequently on the need to establish an institution or think tank that would serve as the bridge between academia and government to better inform policymakers about foreign policy and national security issues. Creating such an institution became a top priority of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation upon its inception in 1983. The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) was established with a significant grant in 1989.  The Foundation continues to partner with NBR on programs, conferences, and publications. For the first 20 years of NBR’s existence, the Foundation supported the Jackson internship program at NBR, which enabled graduate students to gain first-hand experience researching and producing programs at NBR. The Foundation has also supported NBR’s substantive publications, including its briefing papersNBR Analysis, and its annual Strategic Asia publications.