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Environment/Natural Resources Management

Environmental Management – Targeting Climate Change

Environment and Natural Resources Management Priorities

The Foundation primarily supports public programs through its Strategic Initiatives in this area, with a recent emphasis on climate change, energy resources, and environmental stewardship education.  For examples of the kind of public programming that is commensurate with the Foundation’s interests, see Featured Grants and Initiatives.  If you have any questions about our Strategic Initiatives, please call or send us an email.  See How to Apply for additional application information.

Jackson’s Environment and Natural Resources Management Legacy

Senator Jackson was an integral figure in the shaping of federal environmental policies during the 1960s and 1970s. Throughout his career he was committed to protecting and managing the environment wisely while also balancing economic interests. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources for 18 years, he was instrumental in passing legislation regarding national parks, energy resources and land use. In addition to his leadership on land use issues, Senator Jackson believed in the importance of mobilizing young people to support environmental efforts.

In 1969 Senator Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson visited a Student Conservation Association (SCA) crew in Olympic National Park. SCA is a national organization that provides members to restore and protect national parks, forests, green spaces, and cultural landmarks throughout the United States. The crew and the work Senator Jackson witnessed inspired him to collaborate with fellow Senator Warren G. Magnuson to gain congressional support for establishment of the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC). Jack Dolstad, the co-executive director for SCA at the time, and Liz Putnam, the founder of SCA, were the principal witnesses for Senator Jackson, in 1971 at the congressional hearing for YCC. Senator Jackson went on to promote legislation that lead to the foundation of several national parks, including San Juan Island Historic Park where SCA members are serving today.