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What We Support

Grants & Strategic Initiatives

The Foundation primarily makes grants to the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington and other University of Washington schools. The Foundation also produces Strategic Initiatives and occasionally makes grants in each of the Foundation’s four Program Areas: International Affairs EducationEnvironment and Natural Resource ManagementPublic Service, and Human Rights.

Strategic Initiatives, which are forums, convenings, conferences, and other public programs, are generally invited by the Foundation and are developed as partnerships between the Foundation and regional, national and international organizations. If you have any questions about our grantmaking program or would like to discuss a possible Strategic Initiative, please call or send us an e-mail.

Grant & Program Restrictions

The Foundation makes grants and undertakes strategic initiatives only with nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations certified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and with public entities qualifying under Section 170(c). Grants are not made for unrestricted operating expenses or to cover operating deficits, or for capital expenditures, except in exceptional circumstances. Except for grants made to universities, indirect expenses are allowed up to 20% of the total budget. In general, grants are not awarded to endowment or political campaigns, provided directly to individuals or to efforts to influence legislation other than by making available the results of nonpartisan analysis and research.

With one program area exception, Foundation grantmaking and strategic initiatives are limited geographically to the U.S. and to U.S.-based organizations. The exception is the human rights program, which is limited primarily to Russia and to Russia-based organizations. Grant requests from outside the U.S. and Russia under this program will not be considered.