Welcome Kiana Scott, our new Board President

Congratulations to Dr. Kiana Scott, who has been elected as the new Jackson Foundation Board President! Kiana is breaking new ground for the Foundation as the first Jackson Leadership Fellow to serve in this role and the first female President. It is also the first time for the Board to be led by a President without a personal connection to Senator Jackson, representing a passing of the torch of the Jackson values.

A strategic communications and development leader focused on the intersection of public policy, philanthropy, and higher education, Kiana is well qualified for the position. As Founder and Principal of Kiana Scott Strategies, she works with mission-driven organizations to inspire investment and action. In addition, she teaches Strategic Communication for the Executive MPA program at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy & Governance.

Before launching her consulting practice, she managed development and communication programs for several nonprofit organizations, led external relations for the Evans School, and was appointed as the student member of the UW Board of Regents. She earned her Ph.D., M.A. and M.P.A. from UW, and her undergraduate degree from Williams College. Prior to graduate school, Kiana worked on political campaigns, including President Obama’s 2008 campaign. She is also Vice President of the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington, a frequent speaker at Town Hall Seattle, and an elected Precinct Committee Officer. Kiana has served on the Jackson Foundation Board since 2019, and as Vice President since 2020.

In addition to her experience, Kiana brings a fresh perspective to this role as a member of the second cohort of Jackson Leadership Fellows. When the Foundation launched the Fellows program, it was an experiment to see if Senator Jackson’s values and principles would speak to generations that did not know him, most of whom were born after the Senator passed away. We have been pleased to see the Fellows embracing values-based leadership beyond our hopes and expectations. And now with Kiana’s election to this three-year term as President, the program’s goals are coming full circle. 

Congratulations, Kiana, and we look forward to your leadership and enthusiasm in this new role!