The Foundation recently invested in the Millennial Action Project (MAP), rekindling a partnership that we made with MAP in their early days. As the largest nonpartisan organization of young lawmakers in the United States, MAP serves a new generation of leadership to transcend the partisan divide. They work with over 1600 policymakers under the age of 40 in state legislatures and Congress, to engage in a cooperative, bipartisan manner to address local and national challenges. MAP provides its caucus members with resources, policy guidance, and a growing network of like-minded young lawmakers.

MAP 2022 Future Summit

Over the past several years, MAP’s aspirations and successes have multiplied. The Foundation’s funding aids this expansion by supporting three main program areas:

  • hosting the 2022 Annual Future Summit,
  • facilitating legislator peer groups around specific policy topics, and
  • creating a leadership development curriculum.

MAP will utilize these activities to strengthen legislators’ skills, build relationships in this diverse group, and elevate effective policies.

Through this grant, the Foundation is directly investing in values-based leadership in public and civic life, the first goal of our strategic plan. We aim to support strong, diverse leaders who use the Jackson Leadership Values, and we want to promote those values to younger generations. This work fits squarely into that priority.

It also advances our second goal to limit temperature rise through the adoption of clean energy policies. MAP’s Advisory Councils will aid legislators’ efforts to draft and pass bipartisan policies to utilize clean energy and create a sustainable environment.

MAP’s approach aligns well with the Jackson Foundation, and this renewed partnership provides an opportunity to reinforce Senator Jackson’s legacy of working across the aisle to get things done and to inspire public service. We are pleased to partner with MAP to advance innovative solutions and effective leadership.

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