Tips on How to Write a Successful Jackson Leadership Fellows Program Application

The Jackson Leadership Fellows Program brings life-long benefits. In nine months, you will meet inspirational leaders, hear from thoughtful public servants, think critically about your leadership skills, and work on a small project. After your Fellowship experience, not only will you know and understand Senator Henry M. Jackson’s leadership principles, you will know yourself better, and you will also enter the Jackson Fellows Network.

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Writing your application for the Jackson Fellows Program will be an exercise in determining why you want to become a better leader, how you want to serve your community, and what skills you want to develop. Along with thoughtful reflections, if you are considering submitting your application to join the Jackson Fellowship Program, consider the tips below from current and past Cohorts.

  1. “Be sure to share a couple of clear professional and personal development goals you have for your time as a Fellow,” (Priya, 2019 Cohort)
  2. “Give thought to and mention how this experience will be helpful in your life right now. Are you going through a transition, shifting fields, looking for new opportunities?” (Kiana, 2017 Cohort)
  3. “Talk about how you will use what you learn to serve your community and why you want to be a better leader,” (Christina, 2018 Cohort)
  4. “Reach out to Fellows from past Cohorts to learn about their experiences either over email or at one of the Jackson Foundation Meet & Greet Events,” (Carrie, 2019 Cohort)
  5. “Read over the Foundation’s book, The Nature of Leadership, and identify 1-3 of Scoop’s leadership principles that you align most with. Think about and share a few examples from your life or careers where you’ve shown those values,” (Tamara, 2016 Cohort)
  6. “Gain a better understanding of the Senator’s work, and the legacy and values that the Foundation hopes to perpetuate through this Fellowship. This gives applicants a grounding in the Fellowship’s purpose, whether they are a fit, and how they can show that.” (Jacob, 2019 Cohort)
  7. “Think about what your project might be and how you will use your work to serve you and your community,” (Priya, 2019 Cohort)

Tips on How to Write a Successful Jackson Leadership Fellows Program Application

The Jackson Leadership Fellows Program can be a formative experience. You get the benefit of learning from senior and emerging experts, building a strong support network, and acquiring new skills that make you a better leader.

Put your best foot forward — we can’t wait to read your application!

Priya D. Saxena, 2019 Jackson Leadership Fellow

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