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Foundation Publications

The Nature of Leadership: Lessons from an Exemplary Statesman  August 2008

Van Ness Lectures

Lt. General Stephen R. Lanza   January 2015
Building Agile and Adaptive Leaders for a Complex Environment

Senator Slade Gorton    April 2013
Qualities of Leadership: Lessons from a Statesman

President Michael K. Young    May 2012
U.S. Foreign Policy and Human Rights: International Religious Liberties and the Growth of Democracy

William D. Ruckelshaus   October 2010
Reflections on Presidential Leadership
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Memorial Lectures

Peter Beinart      March 2009
Henry M. Jackson Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Lecture: Interpreting the Jackson Legacy in a Post-9-11 Landscape 

Philip R. Sharp  Nov 2006
Today’s Energy Crisis: More than the Price at the Pump

Dwight H. Perkins  Jan 2004
China’s Economic Transformation: Global Implications

James H. Billington  April 1998
The Nature of the Russian Transformation

Ben Wattenberg    May 1996
Values Matter Most: Issues of the Contemporary American Political Scene

James R. Schlesinger   Nov 1994
Uncharted Waters: America’s Role in the Post-Cold-War World

Walter Mondale    June 1993
The Current International Scene

Bernard Lewis   March 1992
Rethinking the Middle East

Charles Krauthammer    Sept 1990
America and the Post-Cold-War World

Max H. Kampelman    Oct 1988
Arms Control and the Soviet Union: A Perspective

Natan Sharansky   Nov 1987
Human Rights and the Soviet Union