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Grantee Publications

Land & Water Conservation Fund: 50 Years in Washington State   Sept 2014
by Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition

The Intersection of National Security and Climate Change: Informing Decision Makers  July 2014
by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Jackson Foundation

Powering the New Energy Future from the Ground Up July 2012
by Climate Solutions in partnership with the Jackson Foundation

NEPA Success Stories  Sept 2010
by the Environmental Law Institute, the Grand Canyon Trust, and the Partnership Project

Special Roundtable: Advising the New U.S. President   Feb 2009
by the National Bureau for Asian Research

Facing the Future: Recommendations on the White House Council on Environmental Quality  Nov 2008
by the Tulane University Law School, Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy

Henry M. Jackson Legacy

The Nature of Leadership: Lessons from an Exemplary Statesman    Aug 2008

CEQ Revisited: The Role of the Council on Environmental Quality   July 2008
by Boyd Gibbons prepared for The Henry M. Jackson Foundation

National Land Use Planning: Revisiting Senator Jackson’s 1970 Policy Act    June 1996
by John Nolan

Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and Senator Henry M. Jackson Brochure   June 2006

Treasured Memories: Henry M. Jackson and the School that bears his Name   Jan 2006
by Kenneth B. Pyle

Struggle for Human Rights Essays   June 1995
by Dr. William Korey, Dr. Robert G. Kaufman, and Dr. Bernard Lewis

Struggle for Human Rights Speech on Senate Floor   June 1995
by Henry M. Jackson, September 27, 1972


Van Ness Lectures

Lt. General Stephen R. Lanza   January 2015
Building Agile and Adaptive Leaders for a Complex Environment
Audio File

Senator Slade Gorton    April 2013
Qualities of Leadership: Lessons from a Statesman

Michael K. Young    May 2012
U.S. Foreign Policy and Human Rights: International Religious Liberties and the Growth of Democracy
Audio File

William D. Ruckelshaus   October 2010
Reflections on Presidential Leadership
Audio File

Memorial Lectures

Peter Beinart       March 2009
Henry M. Jackson Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Lecture: Interpreting the Jackson Legacy in a Post-9-11 Landscape 

Philip R. Sharp   Nov 2006
Today’s Energy Crisis: More than the Price at the Pump

Dwight H. Perkins Lecture    Jan 2004
China’s Economic Transformation: Global Implications

James H. Billington Lecture   April 1998
The Nature of the Russian Transformation

Ben Wattenberg Lecture     May 1996
Values Matter Most: Issues of the Contemporary American Political Scene

James R. Schlesinger Lecture    Nov 1994
Uncharted Waters: America’s Role in the Post-Cold-War World

Walter Mondale Lecture     June 1993
The Current International Scene

Bernard Lewis Lecture    March 1992
Rethinking the Middle East

Charles Krauthammer Lecture     Sept 1990
America and the Post-Cold-War World

Max H. Kampelman Lecture     Oct 1988
Arms Control and the Soviet Union: A Perspective

Natan Sharansky Lecture    Nov 1987
Human Rights and the Soviet Union

Annual Reports

Newsletter / Annual Report 2015     Summer 2016

Newsletter / Annual Report 2014     Summer 2015

Newsletter / Annual Report 2013     Spring 2014

Newsletter / Annual Report 2012     Spring 2013

Newsletter/ Annual Report 2011      Spring 2012


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