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The Fellowship Experience

The Fellowship requires a nine-month commitment starting in October of each year.  The program emphasizes professional development, mentoring, networking, as well as access to senior level professionals. The Fellows meet monthly to interact with leaders in the community, discuss leadership challenges in various sectors, participate in skill-building workshops, and create opportunities to share their expertise with others. The Fellows receive a $1,000 honorarium in recognition of their commitment to the program.

At the heart of the program is the relational nature of the cohort. The Fellows get to know one another deeply and personally. The experience of the cohort, the small group of Fellows experiencing the program together, is a clear bonding element that heightens the value of the program. Fellows benefit from the exchange of new thinking, new possibilities, new ways of framing leadership and developing as leaders.

The year culminates in a Foundation-hosted trip and event in Washington, D.C. to introduce the Fellows to Congressional and U.S. government representatives, East Coast Foundation Board Members, nonprofit organizations, and other leaders in the area. This trip assists each of the Fellows in making important connections for the future.

“The Fellowship program has surrounded me with the tools and resources I need to become the most effective servant leader I desire to be: training and workshops to explore my leadership and team strengths and challenges; input and problem solving with the other fellows as we apply the principles we learn back into our professional worlds; regular mentorship to work through the questions and opportunities as I experience them, and a strong network that will continue to have a positive impact on me, my career, and our region.”  Tamara Power-Drutis, 2016 Fellow