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Thank you, John Hempelmann, Foundation President 7

Jackson Fellows Network


Jackson Fellows Network (Network) is a dynamic learning community comprised of Fellows from previous cohorts. When Jackson Fellows complete their cohort year, they automatically become a part of the Network. The Foundation is committed to supporting the Network to advance their professional development goals, as well as to give them a platform to stay connected to each other and the Foundation.

Jackson Fellows Network 2
Members of the Jackson Network brainstorm strategic priorities and activities at one of its meetings

The Network’s activities are steered by the Jackson Leadership Fellows Council, led by members from each of the earlier cohorts who meet every two months. Currently the members include: Matthew Combe (2016) Chair of the Council, Laura Stewart (2016), Michele Frix (2016), Tamara Power-Drutis (2016), Tom Bugert (2016), Kiana Scott (2017), Brandon Hersey (2018), Danielle Granatt (2018), and Stephen Robinson (2018).

The Fellows Network has established the following goals to guide their activities and programs:

  • Deepen and strengthen the relationships between Fellows and across cohorts such that they continue to support and learn from one another.
  • Maintain an online platform that catalyzes the sharing of ideas, leadership opportunities, questions, experiences, events, successes, failures, and challenges that Fellows are experiencing in real-time.
  • Connect and coordinate the online network with a complimentary system of in-person events and activities.

The Council, after conferring with the other Jackson Fellows, has focused on the  following priorities and activities with the theme of the “Year of Storytelling.”

Scoop Talks – The Scoop Talks provide a training and space for Jackson Fellows to develop public speaking abilities and specific presentation topics.  Presentation themes focus on the Jackson Leadership Values. Fellows that wish to participate will be given storytelling training and presented with opportunities to practice their presentations to the Network. These presentations may then be given to the larger public to help disseminate Jackson values and information about the Leadership Fellows program.

Jackson Fellows Network 4
Members of the Jackson Fellows Network at first Transitions Event

Transitions – Fellows from each cohort have noted the benefits gained from the Leadership Fellows Program, particularly in helping them navigate transitions in their organization or career.  Building upon this, the Council will host a Transitions event series.

Jackson Fellows Network 5

Book Club – The Book Club provides an opportunity for the Fellows Network to gather in a more social environment. A book will be chose that either relates to leadership or a key issue of our time. There will be meetings to discuss the book leading up to a larger discussion at the Scoop Summit where we plan to have a discussion with the author of the book.

Scoop Summit – This annual event will take place in January/February 2020 over a weekend, allowing the Fellows to be fully present. It will be open to the Fellows Network and the Current Class, who will be required to attend. The Summit will be part relationship building and part skill building. It will feature a number of sessions and speakers recruited through the Fellows Network.

Jackson Fellows Network 8
Jackson Fellows Network Connect

Slack  In order to strengthen the relationships between Fellows and across cohorts, the Foundation now hosts an online platform. At the heart of the program is the relational nature of the cohorts. The participants get to know one another deeply and personally. Fellows wanted the online network to reflect this ethos and enable them to continue to share, learn and connect together. Providing a variety of ways to encourage these kinds of activities will be an essential element of a successful online network.

Jackson Fellows Network 7
Fellows at the Year in Review event

Civic Cocktail Hour– The Jackson Foundation has provided 4 memberships to the Seattle CityClub’s monthly Civic Cocktail hour and a table to the Year in Review for Network members. Civic Cocktail offers a lively look at important issues facing the Puget Sound region and connects community leaders with residents in engaging conversation. The program’s conversational format features elected officials, community leaders, journalists, political pundits and news-makers.

Olympia Event – Every year members of the Fellows Network and the current cohort of Fellows travel to our state capital in Olympia. Last year, the Fellows, along with then Board President John Hempelmann, met with the Democratic Caucus and Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands, as well as with one of our Fellows, Senator Hans Zeigler (Class of 2017), in the senate. The Foundation has organized a similar trip for this year with the support from Jacob Thorpe (2019 Class), staffer to Representative Gael Tarleton, Senator Hans Zeiger and newly elected Senator Joe Nguyen (2018) to organize the agenda.

Thank you, John Hempelmann, Foundation President 5
Jackson Network members meeting with Hilary Franz, Commissioner of Public Lands

In addition to these planned activities, the Foundation includes members of the Jackson Fellows Network in most of its activities and has also arranges for special Fellows only meetings with national speakers when they visit Seattle.