Stephanie Celt and Leah Missik
Stephanie Celt and Leah Missik

Last year, we began partnering with the Wilson Center on a set of activities to promote state climate policy successes. The idea was to highlight these achievements as a way to spur national action. In June, we sponsored a great event featuring climate policy action in Washington, California, and Louisiana.

Following up from that event, the Wilson Center recently published an article by Jackson Leadership Fellows Stephanie Celt and Leah Missik in its blog, New Security Beat. Their piece, The Powerful Policy Ripples of Washington State’s CETA, focuses on the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), the ground-breaking climate legislation that Washington State passed last year. Stephanie and Leah described the broad coalition that formed to advance the bill and how CETA is part of a set of coordinated climate policies in Washington. Leah and Stephanie highlighted lessons learned about coalition building and how devising policies with innovative labor and equity considerations can work.

The growing collaboration between our staff, Jackson Fellows, and Board Members helps us be a stronger partner. We appreciate Stephanie and Leah stepping up to write this article and representing the Foundation and Washington so well!

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