Investing in Washington State’s Climate Messaging

The Jackson Foundation recently provided grant support to a team of organizations engaged in a significant climate effort. Led by Climate Solutions, this project aims to showcase the positive impacts of Washington State’s innovative climate policies.

Formed in 1998, Climate Solutions works at the state and local levels to accelerate clean energy solutions to the climate crisis in the Pacific Northwest. At the same time, they highlight the national role the region plays in modeling how to reduce carbon at speed and scale, create good jobs, and address environmental justice.

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Washington Conservation Action, and the Clean & Prosperous Institute, Climate Solutions is leading a multi-year communications effort to garner broad, long-term support for climate action. The message that clean energy solutions are available and successful underpins this work.  

The Washington Climate Narrative Shift Project is designed to show how Washington State’s strong climate laws make a positive difference by reducing emissions, boosting job growth, and attending to environmental justice. The project includes public opinion research to inform a robust communications campaign, sharing this information with Washingtonians and a national audience, and collaborating with others to refine and spread these messages. 

This work ties directly to the Foundation’s strategic plan goals. It contributes toward limiting global temperature rise by bringing awareness to threats and solutions to the climate crisis.

In addition, it will empower climate change leaders by providing the effective messaging that is necessary to convey what must be done and why.

We are proud to advance our partnership with this leading climate-focused nonprofit.