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How We Work

The Foundation provides support in the following ways:

Grants and Strategic Initiatives

The Foundation seeks partners for strategic initiatives that increase the impact of our funding beyond the dollars. Our partners are established organizations that have successfully proven to be leaders in their area of expertise. These organizations provide an opportunity to influence policy and decision-making regarding some of the biggest issues of our time. Please check out our strategic goal areas of Leadership, Climate Change, and Human Rights to see if your organization may be a good fit. Learn more about Strategic Grants and Initiatives here.

Opportunity Grants

In addition to our Grants and Strategic Initiatives, the Foundation also provides grants up to $5,000 for more targeted efforts in our strategic goal areas. We provide grants to local, national and international organizations to build startup capacity, conduct and present research, and hold events that support pragmatic, workable solutions. Learn more about Opportunity Grants here.

Snohomish County Grants

Senator Jackson was a lifelong resident of Snohomish County, Washington. The Jackson Family was very involved in civic life and generously supported the Snohomish County community. The Foundation has chosen to continue that legacy by providing Opportunity Grants to nonprofit organizations based in Snohomish County who are doing work in our goal areas. Learn more about Snohomish County Grants here.

Contact Us

If you have looked at the information on our website and have further questions about our support, please contact Maura Sullivan.