Deepening our partnerships

Through the Foundation’s strategic initiatives and grantmaking, we can support the excellent work being done by local and national nonprofits. Here we feature recent investments we made in two such organizations – the UW Jackson School’s Center for Human Rights and the Center for Climate and Security. We are thrilled to highlight our partners!

Foundation funds will not only help these groups capitalize on their growing expertise and expand their innovative work, but will also advance multiple Jackson Foundation strategic goals:

    1. To empower human rights and climate change leaders, including training the next generation
    2. To limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C through increasing awareness of the impacts of climate change
    3. To incorporate anti-racist practices by focusing on and elevating communities most impacted by global warming

Center for Human Rights, University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies

The Center for Human Rights was created to provide human rights education, promote human rights as a core research area, and engage with real-world human rights issues. It works together with community partners by conducting research to advance human rights. Under the leadership of Director Angelina Godoy, the Helen H. Jackson Chair in Human Rights, the Center is transforming this arena.

The Foundation is supporting the Center’s pioneering new project, which connects climate and human rights in our region by underscoring Native rights and environmental leadership – specifically around the Salish Sea. Students will research, create, and distribute digital media showcasing the role of tribal rights and actions, and highlighting Native perspectives on climate change and environmental sustainability. These stories will be shared at public events, in discussions, and through a targeted social media campaign. Participating students will gain advocacy skills, develop intercultural collaboration, and bridge communication between Tribal and non-Tribal communities.

Center for Climate and Security, Council on Strategic Risks

The Center for Climate and Security (CCS), a Washington, D.C.-based policy institute, examines how federal policy can address the intersection of climate change and national security. Tapping its distinguished Advisory Board of retired military leaders and security professionals, CCS uses the military voice to convey how the climate crisis poses a national security threat in order to drive national action.

Over the past two years, these efforts have come to fruition with climate security providing a politically viable way to discuss the climate crisis. Notably, President Biden announced Executive Order 14008 on January 27, 2021, which established a comprehensive climate and security plan akin to the Climate Security Plan for America that CCS published with Jackson Foundation support.

In 2022, CCS plans to build on those achievements by assessing the Biden Administration’s progress, educating policymakers, training the next generation of climate leaders, and exploring the inequities created by the climate crisis.

We are excited to work with these partners to further our mutual goals, and commend them for their novel approaches to climate change and human rights.

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