Foundation appeals to political parties to address climate change

The climate crisis poses the existential threat of our time. The Jackson Foundation believes that to move forward, our nation’s lawmakers must work together now in Senator Jackson’s bipartisan style to pass sound public policy solutions. This requires our president and Members of Congress to cooperate and demonstrate leadership on national climate legislation. The longer policymakers wait to act, the likelihood of irreversible damages increases.

As our country gears up for the next presidential election, the political parties have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on climate and galvanize the public’s attention on this issue. The parties must know that this matters to voters and could change election outcomes.

The Jackson Foundation has highlighted the national security impacts of the climate breakdown for several years. By looking at climate through a national security lens, the Foundation has worked to broaden the audience of those concerned about climate risks. This effort has sharpened our view that climate change poses significant threats nationally and globally.

Therefore, the Jackson Foundation Board of Governors recently raised its voice and formally called on the Democratic and Republican National Committees to elevate the climate crisis to the national political stage. In a letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez, the Foundation urged the Democrats to hold a presidential debate focused solely on the climate emergency. Since the RNC does not plan to hold debates, the Foundation strongly encouraged Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to facilitate a science-based discussion on climate change.

We ask the DNC and RNC not only to act on these requests, but also to reach across the aisle and find common ground to tackle climate change. This shared problem affects us all.

Please take a moment to read the letters:

Letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez

Letter to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

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