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Henry M. Jackson Doctoral Fellows

Megan Zebert-Judd

Megan Zebert-Judd
"My research concerns under reported conflict and marginalized religious practice throughout the U.S. borderlands and Mexico. I am particularly interested in how marginalized religious groups are affected by policy decisions on the U.S. border and the institutional defense culture that guides those practices. I received my B.A. in the Study of Religion from the University of California, San Diego, then a M.S. in Homeland Security from San Diego State University. My background in conflict studies stems from six years working in the defense industry, as well as time I spent in Bangkok, Thailand researching the intersection of human trafficking and Western tourism."

Deep Pal

Deep Pal, 2015-16 Fellow
"My work as the Henry M. Jackson Doctoral Fellow includes looking at how China plays a role in influencing India's foreign policy identity and beliefs. I am currently looking at crucial events in India's foreign policy behavior between 1950 and 1988, to understand how India's attitude towards China has influenced its decisions. Apart from the generous support from Jackson Foundation this year, I have had the opportunity to work with the National Bureau of Asian Research in Washington, D.C., where I was first exposed to Senator Jackson's vision of forging closer alliances between the United States and Asian nations, and understanding emerging powers in Asia better. I believe this resonates in my work - at a time when Asia is undergoing profound changes, alliances between like-minded powers like India and the United States are going to be more important. And a better understanding of what drives foreign policy in India is likely to help policymakers in the United States understand the alliance better." – Deep Pal

Oded Oron

Oded Oron, 2014-15 Fellow
"My research focuses on political organizing of undocumented migrants comparing Mexican and Central Americans here in Washington State with African migrants mobilizing in Israel. As a Henry M.Jackson Doctoral Fellow, in my first year as a PhD student I was able to fully devote myself to this study. One of the biggest draws of the Jackson school is that it allows people with extensive work experience such as myself to engage rigorously in research with real world applications and policy relevance as well as to advance public scholarship." – Oded Oron

Gregory Shtraks

Gregory Shtraks, 2013-14 Fellow
"Gregory Shtraks was born in Moscow, Russia, and grew up in the equally exotic suburban New Jersey. He studied International Affairs and History at the George Washington University where he received his BA in 2005 and MA in 2009. After completing his Master’s, Greg worked at the Department of State and then taught Political Science at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Greg’s research at the Jackson School is focused on Sino-Russian relations, the Russian Far East, and a comparative analysis of US, Russian, and Chinese Diplomatic corps with a specific concentration on Public Diplomacy formulation. As such, Greg is housed in the States, Markets, and Societies (SMS) field with a secondary focus in Law, Rights, and Governance (LRG). Upon completing his Doctorate, Greg hopes to pursue a career in academia or to join the Foreign Service. Greg was honored with the inaugural Henry M. Jackson Doctoral fellowship for his studies in contemporary Sino-Russian relations." – University of Washington Bio Page