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Jackson / Culp Fellows

Celia A. Baker

Celia Anne Baker
"My field of study–Russian, East European, and Central Asian studies–unfortunately continues to be regarded with some skepticism by those unfamiliar with it. Some doubt its practical applicability; others see Russian relations as a relic of the past. Receiving the Jackson-Culp Fellowship enabled me to pursue my degree debt-free, but it was also a validation of my conviction that this is a relevant and important field of study. In my recent research on the 2014 violation of the Budapest Memorandum, I relied on knowledge of history, anthropology, and security studies to address potential repercussions for global nuclear nonproliferation. Because the Jackson School focuses on area studies, as opposed to disciplinary focuses, I was able to draw on knowledge of ninth-century Kyivan Rus' to explain twentieth-century international security assurances." – Celia Anne Baker

Ross Doll

Ross Doll
"My work focuses on China's ongoing agricultural modernization reform. Though it receives little attention in the press, the state is working to rapidly and expansively overhaul China's agricultural production system from one based on household farms to one more closely resembling the kind of large-scale, mechanized farms seen in the US. This has dramatic implications: for China's 600 million rural residents and its ecology, but also for the global food system and climate change. The Jackson-Culp Fellowship has allowed me to research this complex, transformational undertaking and its repercussions from the multiple perspectives it demands, as well as share my findings broadly through presentations and publications." – Ross Doll